Les Gets – Day 6 – Off means off


Woke up with sore legs and a bit of a sore head today. I supped a bit too much red wine last night. I popped my head out the window just after 7am and the predicted storm was here. The roads were like streams and the heavens were dumping rain in the bucket loads. I glimpsed a small group of cyclists heading out of town and I was thinking you must be mad. I had no plans to touch my bike today.

Coffee and breakfast downed, I thought about what to do. The resort got massively busier yesterday with loads of ‘brits’ rocking up to join the ‘scene’, it seems. Thats another blog all by itself, under category, rant 🙂

I decided I’d sort my lunch out asap as the freshly baked bread sells out by lunchtime. I popped out the hotel to be greeted by a car boot sale of sorts! The main street was closed to traffic and various stalls were setup by the locals selling 2nd hand tat which, if you didn’t know, is french for ‘not even good enough for ebay’. I wandered around slowly in and out of the stalls wondering who would even have the balls to sell it yet buy it. It was a jumble sale for the left over shit from a bric-a-brac garage sale. Utter shite. Anyway, with my neck aching from shaking my head in disbelief, I wondered on past and further into the small town here. The rain had stopped now and it was really muggy, making me regret putting my jeans and fleece on now.

Tat you won’t find on Ebay

I popped to the bakery, got my bread and treated myself to a  couple of croissants that were still warm which I munched on with glee when I got back to my room.

Decided to write a review of my new brake pads to kill some time. I can’t just sit still and do nothing.

Had a snooze but got woke by the French couple with newborn screaming next door. I don’t have issues with babies or children.I’m a dad! I have issues with parents that don’t deal with them. This couple pushed my thermometer a bit hard. He was on the phone talking loudly outside my window, child crying for him to ‘GET OFF THE FUCKING PHONE’, he ended the call, went inside and then….. silence.

I was awake now. It was  early PM so decided to go out again to get my dinner bits n bobs (forgot them earlier). I walked outside and fuck me the tat merchants were still there! Not once did I see anyone buy anything, not a note or coin passed through any hand of any seller in the 4 times I walked through that market. Must be a local thing for local people. I just didn’t get it.

Back to the room, I banged on the Prudential Ride London Surrey Classic Race whatever they call it. Hardly a classic if no one actually knows the actual name of the race? Am I right? I opened my latest bouteille de vin rouge purchase. Had a sippage. Have to say, best yet. Salut!

Chilled out watching the race which kept me busy as I worked out shit weather outside coincided with shit internet connection. So I was constantly rebooting my feed by jumping on and off the bed to click and tap on my laptop.

I cooked another oustanding gourmet extravanganza of pasta, lardons, mushrooms in a pesto rosso sauce topped with fromage du parmesan accompanied by un tasse de vin rouge, du pain and a side order of smugness. I ate this on my balcony, looking out over my Alpine vista. Upon finishing, I had to do the washing up which kinda killed the moment.

I put the wine on hold for a bit as I watched the race finish with some French biere du blonde. Not sure about them but cold n wet.

I enjoyed a quiet evening watching TV with my balcony doors open, the birds singing and a thought tomorrow is my last day on the bike. Better make it a good one then.

Bon Soir!

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