AC/DC – My Top 5 you might not know

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AC/DC by definition are one of, if not THE best rock bands of all time. Their music is simple, ballsy, formula rock n roll that appeals to any rock fan. You can’t help but tap your feet to any track better still get the air guitar and drums out like I do at every (private) opportunity! They are famous for classic tracks which are regular crowd-pleasers that can only be AC/DC when they come on the radio. Such AC/DC anthems as Highway to Hell, Whole Lotta Rosie, Shoot to Thrill and Thunderstruck will rock any crowd be them on a jukebox, belted out by a tribute band or shredded by the band members themselves. I adore them but my Top 5 tracks are not the mainstream fare most casual rock fans may recognise. So here we go with My Top 5 you might not now.

Shake your Foundations

Fly on the wall, for me, is a wholly underrated album. It was universally panned by a lot of critics at the time because of the production. Its true Brian Johnson’s voice is lost a bit but for me what others hate I love, it brings the music out. The opening riff on this track is my favourite. For a clearer voice, see the remix on the Who Made Who album

Sink the Pink

Still on the Fly on the Wall album. Another underrated track for me. The opening salvo’s from Angus blow me away everytime. Was my outright favourite track for a long, long time and has only been pipped recently by Shake your foundations. On the Who made Who album too. Love it

Big Gun

This track was written for the Last Action Hero film soundtrack featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger. The song out guns the film wholesale, I’d say the film isn’t worthy. Another great axe shredding riff.

Rock n Roll Damnation

A bit more mainstream than my other choices. Features original Bon Scott the original singer who sadly died. Off the Powerage album, I stumbled upon this gem again when I went to see an all-girl AC/DC tribute band called BACK:N:BLACK- The Girls who play AC/DC recently. They rocked it straight into my Top 5

Are you Ready

Slow starter this one but there is something I love about it. Bit different to my other choices in terms of style too. Not an outright air guitar shredder but I do sing this one  more than any other even when cycling, I’ll hum this to myself


There you go! What are you’re top 5 tracks they probably won’t play at a concert?


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