I found some Nectar points

Yes, most of us have one or at least have been offered one. Its one of the original reward cards that seem to have been around for donkeys.

Anyway, I have one. I’ve had it for a few years. I linked it to my British Gas account way back and Ebay and just let it run, bagging points on purchases and payments.

So the story is I’m in the market for a very specific rear derailleur (another blog post shortly on this) for my cycle tour. I found one on Ebay. They are quite rare now as no longer produced . If you pay attention in Ebay, it mentions Nectar cards quite a bit around the menus and toolbars. I usually pay attention to the points you can get as this indicates its all linked to the card and working correctly. This time though I clicked on Buy it Now and I noticed a bit about redeeming or using the points which made me wonder if I could use my points to part-pay for the rear mech. I clicked on the Nectar card link and found my card wasn’t linked for redemption so set about signing into the Nectar website and setting up my card. My mobile was sent a verification code and it was sorted. Five minutes tops.

While in the Nectar website I found I had nearly 5000 pts and Ebay would exchange 500 pts for £2.50. This was a BIG surprise! So in Ebay I created a Nectar voucher for 4500 pts or £22.50. Its done instantly. Specify the points, click the button. Added to your account. I added my rear mech to the basket, part-paid with the £22.50 voucher and did the rest on PayPal as normal.

So the moral of this story here is if you buy loads of shit on Ebay, Wiggle, Chain Reaction + approx 450 other stores, you can earn points on anything. Use the card. If you don’t have one, get one. Link it and leave it. You will rack up real cash you can spend on a hefty discount like me or a simple treat for you or a loved one.

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