Strava KOM surprise

Its only taken me 5 months to find out I earned an hour long KOM on Strava last year.

I was uploading some commutes off my Garmin and popped into Strava to make sure they were there. I usually have a glance at my speeds to see if I see anything like segment PR’s or how a ride went when I felt shit compared to normal.

After a quick peek at some riders I follow, I ventured onto my profile and settings page. I added a privacy zone for work, which I hadn’t done. Made sure my bike was current and surprised myself I’d logged 5000+ miles on my Kinesis.

I don’t normally care about Strava KOMs, I really only use Strava as a ride logging tool and a way to see what others are doing in one app. But its nice to have a KOM and I knew I had a couple so a quick peek to see if any had gone and this one was on top of my list.

I need an UBU.

Strava segment: I need an UBU

Now the name, I need an UBU,  immediately struck a chord as UBU by Purity Ales is one of my favourite pints of real ale. I clicked on it and I found out its a lengthy section of the Mad Summer Hare Sportive I had ridden last September. The connection to UBU is that the segment passes the Purity Ales Brewery just north of Great Alne, Alcester.

The other big surprise was I was nearly 2 mins ahead of the next rider. Wow! I must have been in the zone that day

Its unusual to see such long segments on Strava. Most are very short or very specific roads like climbs, for example, which I think is what KOM’s were intended for originally hence their name. I don’t know who, or what the motivation was to create this particular segment but its a really ‘grippy’ bit of road which made the finale to the Sportive pretty tough as the elevation profile shows.

It counts for shit really but thought I’d share. Thanks for reading

Official: its my KOM
the All-time Leaderboard

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