Twitter spat

So yesterday’s moron I (stupidly) chose to engage with was trying to convince Twitter that an electric car with 4 occupants had a lower carbon footprint than 4 cyclists because cyclists eat more food and said food has a carbon footprint.

I rarely argue with morons on twitter. Its a waste of my life but occasionally some, usually the ‘road tax’ brigade push a button and warrant my effort to respond.

When he was challenged on the carbon footprint of manufacturing the car (Google this, you’ll be surprised how big it is). Oh no, he wasn’t talking about that. Just eating food.

When he was challenged about the people in the car consuming food. Oh no, cyclists eat more.

When he was challenged about cyclists not necessarily eating more food, they consume the same and lose weight. Oh no, cyclists eat more if the 4 people (assumed by him again) maintain the same weight.

Before I lost the will to live, I did point out that in the real world, if there were 4 people in an electric car consuming, say, 3000kCals a day and 4 cyclists ate the same 3000kCals, their carbon footprint from food production would be the same. I went onto point out that in the real world the people in the car probably put weight on. Thats why we have an obesity crisis.

He didn’t buy it. My argument was apparently ‘feeble’

He’s still going if you want to catch up with him.

this is the moron

Interesting point to make about electric vehicles (EV’s). They are NOT green. The carbon footprint to manufacture, use and dispose of them is BIG. They are less polluting. Thats it.

Also, 250 million journeys are year in Greater Manchester made by car are less than 1km. Just think about that. A 10 min walk, a 3 min cycle or you drive your car. Most drive. Mental.

…and that is why I hate lazy people

Thanks for reading

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