Zwift race and streaming on YouTube

After winning my last race at the weekend and banging out 100km on Zwift on Monday (it was on my Zwift bucket list), my legs were pretty shot today despite having  a day off yesterday. The original plan was to actually go out and ride the last couple of days but Monday was a washout and after cleaning my bike yesterday I found my BB is trashed and I need a new one ASAP. So I couldn’t ride it anyway.

Zwift it was then (again)

I couldn’t find a long and steady ride today. I guess there is less demand for longer rides in the working week. I could have just done a ride on my own but I like group rides so I opted for the longest race I could find. The EVR Asia Race at 53km around 9 laps of the London Classique course. Pan flat. I think there were 90 odd riders signed up in total.

I streamed the race again. This time using the FREE OBS Encoder software which I’ve been playing with. Rather than just stream your screen as I have been doing, this software can stream from multiple sources which can be arranged on screen. It looks more professional. For example I could stream Zwift, a webcam feed and a logo or overlay to customise the screen if I want. Took a bit of working out but it works pretty well once you understand the YouTube Creator Studio for your channel. Perhaps I can write a blog on that soon so I can help others who may want to have a go at streaming something. Anyway, my plan is simple enough. Eventually I’ll be streaming my Zwift races and rides and I’m going to see what I’m like on cam riding the bike at the same time so viewers will be able to see my pain cave face.

obs encoder
Encoder software thats FREE! Just Google – Open Broadcast Software to find it

Todays race wasn’t a balls out affair like normal. I think the longer races take the sting out of some of the riders so mid-race it was quite steady. The race split and a lead group with me got away quite early. About 20 or so riders. With about 3 laps to go a couple of Chinese riders got away and put about 30 secs into us by the end. Questionable w/kg stats they were holding! After a decent sprint (again) I came 9th in the race but adjusted me up to 7th A Cat afterwards. My legs were tired but I was glad I did the longer race after a good 20 min warm up. I’m tired enough now for a few days off until Saturday when I pick up my MTB I’ve hired in Fuerteventura for a few days.

No more Zwift now for a couple of weeks

evr asia race zp
7th A Cat

Thanks for reading again

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