Tour Day 4 – Report Card

Finally got some decent rest last night. After a couple of restless nights I managed a solid 6 or 7 hours. I woke to a slightly brighter day. My mobile said it was 2 degs outside though and popping the TV on in my room a weather front was on its way in from the west touching down PM. I decided to get breakfast done and crack on early doors to get a head of the weather. I opted for knee warmers, arm warmers and my winter gillet with gloves in my pocket.

I left Bala and was straight into the first climb of the day, My legs were hurting today. Empty from yesterday. I felt a bit sick too as I left so soon after breakfast.

I tracked the river and met the first car of the day on the B4501 which I climbed briefly before left and back out into the wilds passing the odd farm, homestead and loads of sheep. Its bleak up here. Must be a tough life. Its so remote. Luckily I had a nice tailwind but it was cold. I dropped into a valley and had to stop to open a gate. As I closed it I heard a loud whistle and shout. Was I trespassing or something? I turned round and 100mtrs away a farmer was shouting at me to leave the gate open. He was on his way through on his quad bike. Thumbs up, here held his gate open for me.

Bleak, cold, windy

The climb out of the valley was pretty brutal, depicted by more arrows on the OS map. I didn’t have a lot in the tank today and was happy when the long, fast descent appeared over the brow. I crossed the A5, popped my gloves on and the steady climb to Nebo began. About 4 miles. Wider, better surface this one but the buffeting side/tailwind was starting to chill me. I considered stopping for my cape but waited until the bottom of the 4 mile descent into Llanrwst. This one is pretty wide and straight so I gave it some gas. I thought the valley floor would be warmer. Only slightly so the cape was put on.

Bala is hidden back down there

I was straight into a mile long climb out of Llanrwst to Eglwysbach. Its peppered with some steep dips and climbs culminating in a 33% descent which was a bit dicey. I rounded a left hand bend full on the brakes and my rear wheel was skipping out before I could see the road ahead and let go. Felt like I’d jumped off a cliff!

pray your brakes work

I bombed through Eglwysbach before joining the A470 and climbing the hill of the day. A nice fast descent and I was done.

I’d made good time considering the terrain. Strava on my phone worked though the original elevation OS maps gave me seems to be off and over-estimated.

There is nothing like a hot bath to make what you have ignored just ache. My legs, back, neck, shoulders, arms are all cooked. Todays R&R couldn’t come quick enough because I’m just sore.

Might try and sync my Garmin now and see what I have.




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