Might need those drugs

An average week for me is a simple 19km commute to and from work for four days. No drama. Nothing exciting. This week though, has a been of bit different. Drugs, near death, a big, big ride and a bit of modelling. Read on.

Near Death
OK, I’m probably being a drama queen but I was close to been knocked off. Second week of owning my headcam and I’ve had to report another driver for basically driving dangerously. I was riding to work through Alvechurch, as I do everyday, and a driver of a large, white pickup just turned right across me to park. If I hadn’t braked hard he would have definitely hit me unless he braked. Appalling driving. It looks close on the camera but the wide angle lens doesn’t really show you HOW close. I nearly hit his passenger door. Ridiculous. He did put his hand up to acknowledge his mistake but sorry mate, you only did that because I shouted so absolutely no excuse. The road was clear, I was visible. Reported.

So the following day I rode home with a couple of work mates and we decided I’d take them on a new route out of Redditch via Arrow Valley Park. As we crossed a bridge to exit the park we noticed a couple of young lads in a random place at the end of bridge. As we went past we thought he might have broken down but then we laughed they might of been doing a drug deal. The next morning we looked at my footage and noticed the drugs been dealt out of the back of his scooter. He had the bag in his mouth and as we rounded the corner to the pass them, the ‘customer’ tuned away to hide his face. Funny but serious too so I reported it to Crimestoppers.

WhatsApp Image 2018-10-05 at 09.41.52
Just say NO!

BIG Ride in the offing
This has been on my radar for a few months. I found it by accident on Twitter back in June. Its called Chase the Sun and the idea is very simple. Ride from the Isle of Sheppey in Kent to Burnham-on-Sea. 205 miles. You start at sunrise at 4.30am and you have 17hrs to complete it by sunset at 9.30pm. You don’t enter, its self-supported, you simply pledge your commitment to ride, rock up with hundreds of others and crack on. No medals or fancy finish, just your name on a roll call of riders who completed it. Its in its 11 year now and I think the simplicity of it coupled with the mammoth challenge (for me) of a double century is the attraction.

I’ve tapped up a couple of colleagues at work who have expressed an interest too and Sally has pledged she would help with support either end so it could be game on to tick a couple of bucket list objectives off my list. Those being 200 miles and a 300km ride.

The physical challenge will probably be more mental than physical for me. I think I’d struggle solo but if I can ride in a small group, doing our own thing, that would be great. Just like we did on the Ton around Brum in June.

Now I’ve found a dealer, for 205 miles, I might need those drugs!!!

The other thing I love about this event is you ride your own route. They suggest one, probably the most direct, but I can plan my own which, if you follow me, is my favourite bit. I love a bit of mappage!

Anybody else up for this bucket list challenge?

chas the sun
You only live once

And yes…..Its only taken 46 years but this week I did my first ever photo shoot. I hear you laughing but its true! No photos to show you because that would spoil the surprise! but it should go live on the web on Wednesday. The only clue I will give you is it involves a turbo trainer. So keep em peeled because I won’t be as obvious as you may think!

just a hint!


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