WBR 3 Laps Flat Race Reverse

Course: Watopia Flat Reverse
Distance: 30.3km/18.8mi

I did the same race last week but there were loads more riders in the pen this week. 120+ at least. Fellow Team CRYO-GEN rider Mick Krupa was there for the team aswell.

A fairly rapid start with the peloton spread out from the off. The lead group split on the 1st lap through the bends. I made the break of 14 leaders and we drifted off and fought out our own race out front. The first half of the race the pace was high with a few digs but the pace eased in the second half as everyone waited for the sprint.

Last time into the tunnel and the peloton sped up as they headed to the exit ramp where it all kicked off. I went too hard too soon last week so I didn’t react to the jumps and just pushed a steady but high cadence to keep my power as high and even as possible. It eased as we rounded the right into Downtown and then kicked for the line. I held but lost 4th and just managed to keep 5th over the line.

It seemed a higher calibre race and faster this week, so happy with that. Lets see if Zwiftpower.com upgrades me later!

Ride on!

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