WBR 1 Lap London Loop Hilly Race

Course: London Loop
Distance: 14.8km/9.2mi

Rain stopped play today. Funeral this morning plus wind and rain meant a commute was off the menu today so I opted for a cheeky Zwift race before the girlfriend came home. A quick drive home, I setup my stream and got a 5 min warm-up in before the off.

The start was as fast as expected in such a short race. It steadied briefly before I blew myself to bits up the back of Fox Hill.

Check out the red on the graph on Fox Hill!

A rider had gone clear at the foot of the climb, (suspiciously?) holding 6+ w/kg and was gaining ground all the time. I got into a 2nd group of three after 2 of us bridged to the 2nd rider who went clear early on the climb too. I got my breath back on the descent and despite some decent turns we were hauled in by a fast chase group on the run in to the finish. The group eased as we all got ourselves ready for the sprint. Someone opened it early with about 800m to go which caught me out a bit so I wound up my big gear and got ahead but I got pipped on the line and lost a couple of spots for 4th.

I’ve done 3 races this week + my commutes. My legs are caned now so a rest tomorrow before my Bushcombe Party ride on Sunday.

Ride on!

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