Why I joined a Zwift team

I’ve been “Zwifting” properly for about a year now. All the time solo, tucked away in my man cave battering myself on the turbo race after race. Despite seeing other riders in their kit and with their team tags after their name it had never really occurred to me to join a Zwift team/club but recently that changed for me.

I’ve already taken my Zwifting to the next level by streaming my rides with a webcam and popping it all on my Youtube Channel. Why? Not sure but primarily I guess its so I don’t miss something. I suppose I could delete them but its a nice archive to have and I don’t ram it down peoples throats either so I’m cool with it. I’ve recently starting doing a blog post after each race with a brief report and I have a menu option for Zwift and Youtube on my blog now too which filters all my Zwift rides and posts. Out of courtesy, I don’t share my Zwift races on social media with “normal” friends only my normal blog posts like this one. Its too much otherwise.

My Zwift races on youtube give me extra content for my blog

So recently with the dark nights rolling in and Winter approaching, Zwift and training through the off-season became a focus again. I’m a member of the Zwift Racers facebook group which has about 10,000 members and a guy called Tam posted about a new Zwift team he was setting up with his friend Jeff called Team CRYO-GEN. His description of a team with aims to be social but race seriously but without pressure kind of resonated with me. I only do it for fun but I do it on my own. There are thousands of other like-minded Zwifters so why not get together? Makes sense. It reminded me of an old skool cycling club in way. I let it go for a couple of weeks watching the team get ribbed for the name and reconciled myself to joining a team but hadn’t decided which one but I kept coming back to Team CRYO-GEN so I just did it and joined. No drama.

I have no idea where the name Team CRYO-GEN comes from

I’m really pleased I did it. Tam spends time welcoming every member with a bit of blurb on how many races you’ve done and you category. The team have a simple website with useful links like a map of where riders are in the world. Its a global club!. We follow each other with a daily update of results correlated, by hand, by members, they put on Zwift races, Zwift training rides and some stream their races too like me.

I’ve found an outlet for my race streams and blogs that I didn’t want to force on my non-cycling social media friends! People are genuinely interested and its great.

The team continues to grow daily and I enjoy riding with other team mates in races too. It adds another dimension to a race.

We’re always looking for new members, so come and join us.

Thanks for reading again

Ride on!

Team CRYO-GEN leading the way!




2 thoughts on “Why I joined a Zwift team

  1. I really need to get back into some Zwift racing. I put my membership on hold about a month or two ago because of warmer weather (and completing a Sufferfest training plan) but I’ma actually starting to miss it a little! Especially now they’ve released a new map!


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