Floody Hell

I really like my helmet cam now I’ve got used to it. Its just there now and I can pick up not just the bad but the good and the weird too.

Today was no exception.

Standard commute in. Leave at 7.40am to meet my work colleague at the end of my road who cycles to work from Stourbridge a couple of days a week. Not two minutes into the ride and we hit a water-logged road which has a reputation for puddles in heavy rain but as we approached and looked up the road, this was a bit different. Literally a river, running down the hill towards us, at least a couple of inches deep across the entire road. Up ahead were hazard warning lights. I immediately thought burst water main. No drama. Seen that before but as we got up to a car. The truck in front was pitched at a funny angle. Its left non-drive side wheel had fallen down a hole caused my the pipe burst. Unlucky son!.

Watch the video anyway.

Fact of the day
All of that water came out of a measly 6″ main. Confirmed by my noble Severn Trent employed friend and neighbour.


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