CRYO-GEN Saturday Sprint Series

Course: Watopia Flat
Distance: 10.2km

I don’t normally ride on a Saturday. Legs are usually mush from commuting all week with the odd race on Zwift on top. No exception today except my girlfriend was working and it was an opportunity to try out the team’s race series they stage every Saturday morning. Throw in some overnight tummy ache and I was good to go! 🙂

Although the course is flat, it’s short and brutal for such a short race. I warmed up on the new New York city map which I have to say looks awesome. They’ve done a great job with that. Anyway, my legs seemed ok, just complained  a little on the one 10% climb I did in Central Park.


Team CRYO-GEN in the house!

Over to the pen and I saw a few Team CRYO-GEN riders in there too. The start was fast and sustained as expected. I was only able to ease off in the tunnel. A couple of riders had a dig. On the exit of the s-bends to the Italian Village I chased down a serious looking attack which briefly split the group. It came together and split again on the last climb with about 3km to go. This time it stuck with 5 of us away with about 6 secs on the riders behind. I opened the sprint with 400m like I do but my fatigue took the edge off and I was passed for 5th on the line. Should’ve waited a bit longer.

I’m happy with that considering I’m tired.

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