Review: Planet-X Merino Seamless Arm Warmers

If you are a regular cycle commuter like me you’ll know how much kit you need. I ride 4 days a week. I have to have enough kit for all weathers for everyday as I just don’t get time to wash and dry it as quick or often enough.

My latest purchase was another pair of arm warmers. I have two pairs, one light blue which match my Cult Racing Kit and a BBB black pair which can go with anything. I was having a look round the Planet-X website and found their Merino Seamless Arm Warmers. Only £5 and merino wool! It was too good to pass up.

My general kit size is Small, so I went for the Small/Medium size on offer.

Delivery was quick, two days. They came in a simple clear packet attached to a piece of cardboard so they could be hung up in a shop if required. Easy to remove. I have very thin arms, particularly around the bicep. The material is a thinly ribbed wool. Upon trying them I found the fit really good and tight at the top around my arm and around the cuff too. The length was spot on. Enough for a glove to fit over the cuff. They are anatomically cut too, with a few ‘ribs’ on the inside of the elbow.

I had no issues using them while riding. They held up fine and the warmth and protection they gave against the cold was more than adequate. Probably a bit thin for temps close to 0 degs though when a proper roubaix lined warmer or jacket would be a better option.

Overall, I have to give them 5/5. At £5, they represent unbelievable value in my opinion. Highly recommended

A great stocking filler with Xmas around the corner!


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