A bit of Malvern Madness

With my last ride, Bushcombe Party, cancelled because Storm Callum decided to drop by,  I’m keen to get my next ride in the bag. As I’ve done with my others I given it a name and I’ve called this one Malvern Madness. Guess where it goes?

This ride will take place on Saturday 10 November

Ironically, the first part of the ride uses a very similar route to Bushcombe Party, heading south through the lanes skirting Hanbury and through Himbleton before onwards to Upton-on-Severn via Kinnersley.

The route now heads west and up and over the Malverns via Welland and British Camp. I have lots of memories of racing up there 20+ years ago. We go along Jubilee Drive, and descend throwugh West Malvern and then out into the lanes via Storridge and up the infamous Ankerdine Hill. Always a test that one.

Ankerdine Hill – basically, its steep

There are some grippy roads from Martley via Wichenford and Holt Fleet. Out of the lanes we cross the A449 and head back via Cutnall Green and Elmbridge.

Its a stiff 123km on winter bikes. Should be a fun day out but not sure where I’m going to stop for coffee. Its a bit rural the whole way

You can see the route here


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