Review: Carnac Sorbtek Cycling Socks

Socks! I love cycling socks, although apparently I don’t get the length right! But then again I’ve never been a fashionista either so who cares.

Anyway, while I was looking around the Planet-X website, I found these socks on offer at £1.00 a pair! and you get a choice of colour. This time of year I like a thicker sock for comfort and warmth. These looked like a summer sock but at a quid, I thought well I’ll  just keep them until next summer, so I popped a couple of pairs in my basket.

I’m a size 43 cycle shoe, so I bought small/medium

They came in 2 days. Simple packaging. Clear plastic packet, socks attached to a retail piece of cardboard which was simple to remove. Socks are socks, nothing more to say other than these are really, quite a thick wool. The fit was spot on. Nice and stretchy as they look very small off the foot. So nice on though, I used both pairs last week when it was near freezing with my normal shoes, no overshoes or winter boots and they were great!

For £1 a pair, fill your boots kids (pardon the pun!). Outstanding value. 5/5 and a thumbs up from me!CLCARTEAM-BWY_P1

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