WBR 10 Laps LaGuardia Loop Race

Course: LaGuardia
Distance: 28km/17mi

First race on the NYC circuit tonight and the tiny LaGuardia loop which is a mere 1.7 miles long and boy its a tough one. Its rarely flat and although the steepest gradient is 4 or 5% with a few other 2’s and 3’s, its attritional and fatigues you lap after lap. It makes for great racing but its one of the hardest courses I’ve done.

I changed to pink socks tonight for Bruce!

I felt great at the start after a ride home from work. I was warmed up. A rider went early and stayed away for a lap or two then it split and I got in a group of 5 for a lap. We had a max advantage of 6 secs but it was clawed back by the chasers. One stayed clear with another in pursuit and the rest of us were caught.

It remained that way to the end which is a great finish. The last km is a really fast decent into a sweeping left hand climb that breaks you if you go too hard too soon. Time it right and you can carry your speed over the top for a another speedy downhill finish.

I think I rolled in for 5th which seems to be my favourite number at the moment.

Ride on!

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