ZHR Masters Britain Race

Course: The 6 Train Reverse
Distance: 39km (6 Laps)

Another new race and course tonight. I found out my mate was riding so I raced a bit later than normal. Its an age-based race so we were all in the same category and only our tags gave our age group away. Its nice wondering who are the fit and really fit guys in the race. I did see Mick Krupa down on the list of sign ups for Team CRYO-GEN.

The course takes on a 6.5km inner loop counter-clockwise and features a few bumps and lumps which wear you down as you increase your lap count.

A good field started fast as normal. At the end of the first lap a lead group went clear which I got into. I had a couple of digs in the first half of the race to try and whittle down the group but it didn’t pay off. The second half of the race slowed down and the penultimate lap was a cagey one. I opened the taps with about 4km to go and split the lead group but it came back together. I waited for the final sprint but someone went very early and I had to follow. I tied up with 200m left and got passed by a couple of riders for 5th I think

I enjoyed that race. Recommended if you haven’t done it before. The age cats make it a race within a race.

backlit black candle candlelight
Halloween tomorrow, watch this space for a Halloween race special !!!

Ride on!


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