ZHR Masters Britain Race

Course: Everything Bagel
Distance: 34 km (1 lap)

After last weeks DQ due to me tagging my name wrong and a bad day at work, I decided to take it out on the ZHR Masters Race again this week. Its an age-based category mass-start race. So races within a race and great fun.

This week it was the Everything Bagel course which I rode twice about 10 days ago in the Ottawa Top Speed race. It covers every road on the NYC map backwards and forwards including the KOM both ways, so it was going to split.

Correct tag sorted, a big pen of 80+ riders started. The peloton stuck together early on but split pretty straight away on the early KOM. Two got a way with me in no-mans land in 3rd over the top. I waited for a couple of riders just behind me and as we dropped off the KOM onto the flatter highline roads, a couple more chasers got on. The two clear started to gain despite our group’s high tempo. Eventually one of the leaders dropped and we caught them leaving a solo rider out on his own but looking at the numbers he was putting out he wasn’t going to be caught. Our group worked and eased as we approached the KOM again. Our group split again. Two clear over the top, me then 2 chasers. I went too deep and paid for it in the last 5km and I was caught. We didn’t catch the two in front so we were racing for 4th. I opened the sprint but was caught on the line for 5th.

That really hurt.

Lets hope there is no DQ this week

Ride on!

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