Best Bits: Galibier Ultimate Foul Weather Gilet

First up lets deal with the spelling. Gilet or Gillet?

I’m glad that is sorted!

I can’t remember how I found Probably an ad or review I picked up on social media somewhere . I was hooked after I bought my first piece of kit off them and I’ve been loyal and bought more since. Based in Northern Ireland, they sell a range of cycle clothing that are comparable in quality to much more expensive brands. Its outstanding value for money across the whole range though not as extensive as other brands.


For this post I’m going to focus on probably the best item they sell and I own. Its the Ultimate Foul Weather Gilet.

This gilet was a game changer for me. It will work in such a wide variety of temperatures and weather it makes that dilemma of what to wear on a ride so much easier at this time of year.

First up some tech. Its a multi-layered softshell fabric which is 100% windproof. Fact. The outer-layer is water-resistant/repellant. Its got a beefy, stormproof zip, 3 massive pockets, the middle one is huge and is finished in hi-viz yellow and reflective detailing on the back with a longer tail for a perfect cyclists fit. Its nothing fancy to look at, its just a do-it-all workhorse.

I prefer a gilet to a heavy winter jacket where possible

I’ve used this gilet in freezing temps with two pairs of arm warmers on and 3 layers underneath and also when the temp begins to dip late summer, autumn and there is a chill in the air, say 14-15 degs. No drama however you use it. Its practical and does the job faultlessly. Despite the close, snug fit, being a gilet, its easy to breath so you’re never boiled in a bag but you’re core and chest are just protected so well from wind and rain. Its a commuters dream piece of kit and my go to over and over again this time of the year. I need more than one really.

Other plus points to note are it washes and air dries extremely quickly. I just pop mine on the back of a chair. Sizing is spot on and if you do need to roll it up and pop it in a drawer or luggage, its not bulky either. And look out for its useful internal pocket too.

I cannot recommend this gilet enough. If you commute regularly, its a must-have piece of kit. Its probably the most used garment in my entire wardrobe and pound-for-pound probably one of my best buys ever.

If I’ve sold it and you want one, get it here but take a look around the rest of their range. I own jackets, tights, leg warmers, caps, socks and more.

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