Chase the Sun 2019 – new event

I’m still thinking about my 2019 goals and rides I want to do. This time last year I was talking about my solo tour in May and although something like that is still on the table I can’t get a 200 mile/300km ride out of my head.

Now I’ve mentioned Chase the Sun before. I found it last year. Simply put, you start at dawn in the Isle of Sheppey and ‘chase the sun’ to finish 200 miles later before sunset at Burnham-on-Sea. No medal, no prize, just bragging rights.

Next year the ride takes place on Saturday 22 June

I’d got my sights firmly set on this. Initial convos with the girlfriend have taken place. She is off work and I’m child-free that weekend so everything is falling into place. Then they go and announce another Chase the Sun ride up tut north!


No specific details are available yet but the principle is the same. Dawn till dusk ride, 200 odd miles from Tynemouth to Prestwick. A quick glance at a potential course and it looks great cycling through Kielder Forest and across the Scottish Lowlands. 500m more climbing though but I think I’ll take that rather than cycle through South London any day.

I think I’m sold. Girlfriend is up for the drive and a long weekend after. Game on!

I’ll update as soon as I have more info

a possible route
looks better than down South to be honest

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