Best Bits: Lezyne Micro Drive 180 Rear Light

Lights have moved on from the days of Ever Ready. Big clunky HP2 battery fueled monsters which clipped into the shittiest of plastic brackets, guaranteed to damage your paintwork. Technology has moved on past the big-heavy lead-acid batteries too that gained a ‘memory’ if not charged correctly shortening their lifespan. We are now in the era of compact, lightweight lights, Li-on batteries and USB charging. A great deal of focus, quite rightly, is placed on the power of front lights with a plethora of choice available but for my Best Bit today I’m focusing on a rear light that has been around for years and still punches way above it weight.

who remembers these from the 1980’s?

The Lezyne Micro Drive 180 rear light is the best rear light I’ve ever owned. Amazing in its simplicity throughout its tiny footprint. No permanent mount, a simple, angled bracket, to keep it horizontal, with a stepped elastic band to accommodate different diameter tubes to wrap around. Snap in and out. Easy.

This light is no good for thin, sharp, aero profiled seatposts

A simple press of the translucent button gives you a battery level indicator by colour underneath. Green, Amber, Red. Simple. A longer press on the button turns it on and enters one of five modes (slow flash, fast flash, pulse, full beam steady, half beam steady). The latest version of light offers 7 modes. A simple press of the button cycles through the modes and the button light remains on throughout as a real-time battery level indicator. Simple.

Its waterproof, and the lens cut outs on the sides offer 180 degs visibility.

Charging is a doddle. Unscrew the back cap and plug it into a USB port directly. Flashing green on the button indicates a charge, steady green means its done. Simple.

Obviously the acid test is how bright it is. Its 180 lumens is bright enough to be seen from a long, long way but not enough to be overkill which some rear lights can be. This allows the 2hr+ battery life to be achieved without compromising visibility. Simply put, its mega-bright and lasts long enough for most rides.

I’ve had my Lezyne for 5+ years now and it hasn’t missed a beat and I’ve noticed no drop in battery performance either. Its a permanent attachment to my bike day or night and its simple USB charge means I can just plug it into the laptop at work so I’ve got full charge for the ride home.

I can’t fault it and when it does need replacing I’ll just get another. I haven’t found anything else comparable.

a bright rear light is a must-have

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