ZHR Masters Britain Race

Course: Innsbruck UCI Short Lap
Distance: 24km (1 Lap)

Made it back onto Zwift tonight after a couple of weeks off. My last race was the Innsbruck Challenge where I blew myself to bits and surprised myself. I’ve been pretty tired since so I’ve stayed off the hard stuff and just concentrated on steady rides to work and back.

If my body says no you’re tired, I back off and wait till it says yes, you’re fine now

After three solid days off the bike over the weekend my ride to work today confirmed my legs were back so I jumped on the ZHR Masters Britain Race tonight. Usually a good race and back on the tough Innbruck UCI circuit too where I last left off.

Always a decent field in this race and tonight didn’t disappoint. This circuit is quite predictable and played out as I expected. A fairly fast run into the climb and then the peloton gets stretched. Two riders went clear, chased by another two. The leaders gained all the way up while I settled in a chase group of four. A couple of km’s from the top one of our group went clear and then another over the top on the start of the descent. I was left with a familiar face I’ve raced with a few times. We’re pretty evenly matched. My legs were spent on the way down and I did my best to recover which let the leaders to gain time. I found my legs back in Innsbruck and I pushed it up the short sharp climb round the back. I opened a gap but I couldn’t shake my companion. It got cagey in the last couple of km’s so I waited and sprinted with 400m to go. He didn’t put up a fight and I rolled in 7th overall I think. Not sure on my age category.

Legs were strong but a bit ring rusty, missing that edge you get from racing. A couple more and I’ll be back to 100%

Ride on!

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