10k Milestone. Done.

I’ve just been looking at my ride stats for the past year as I’ve only been regularly commuting for around 12 months and wanted to see how I compare to previous years of Strava data.

I’ve just tipped over 10,000km for the year which, for me, isn’t bad on basically a diet of 19km commutes 4 days a week with some Zwift and the odd longer ride thrown in. I’ve also just tipped over 100,000m of climbing for the year aswell. Happy with that.


In comparison to previous years, I only have three full years of data for 2015, 2016 and 2017. All are pretty even around 6000km which represents a big jump in my mileage this year and is probably the biggest year I’ve had in a decade at least. That’ll be why I feel much fitter and a bit lighter on the scales too then!


I’ve used VeloViewer to review my stats. Useful tool if you are into your ride data.

I’m setting a goal of 12,000km next year

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