A bit of kharma

I’m in North Wales this weekend to see the folks pre-xmas. I’ve been off the bike for a week with a cold and chesty cough so I decided to take the bike with me for a couple of easy spins as I get over it.

Todays ride was simply a one hour spin, make it up as I go along.

Bellend #1
I’m riding past a row of parked cars into Rhos-on-Sea. Keeping about a metre away from them so I don’t get doored. A bloke in a clapped out Clio passes me and then eases up so I have to brake and begins to drive along slowly looking in his wing mirror at me. I have to brake and I beckon him to just go but he slows and winds the window down moaning about passing me or something. I just shouted what you doing? and told him to go away, which is true as he had a couple of kids in the car. Would of been more colourful otherwise.

Bellend #2
The promenade is closed in Rhos-on Sea and cars are directed to turn right. Turn, is they key word here. After a quick breather I began to make my way back along the closed road when a red Audi driver tried to turn across me. He didn’t seem to grasp despite the road ahead being closed, he still had to stop and indicate and let me pass as it was my right of way.

Bellend #3
Riding back into Llandudno and a Range Rover nearly took my shoulder out. It was so close I could have tapped the window. I actually squealed I think. Enough to make the passenger jump anyway. No apology so the red-mist came down. It took a quick left at the next roundabout and straight over at the next two as I gave chase. I got the feeling it was doing a runner from me. I gave up and rode into town and round the back home in case it was coming round the other way. I kept my eyes peeled and then it dawned on me. Range Rover = money = golf player maybe? There are a couple of clubs on the way home and where he was heading when I lost him. First car park checked. Nothing. Second one checked and BOOM! there it was parked up. I rolled up to it and for once I was glad I had a cold as I hawked up the biggest greeny I could and left it on his door. Kharma!

Merry Xmas dickhead!

Sadly, no camera on this ride. I might rethink that decision in the future

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