Team Italy Gladiators Race

Course: Road to Ruins
Distance: 29.9km

I tried to race earlier today but the WBR 3 lap Hilly Reverse I found on ZP didn’t exist on Zwift when I went to join it. A change of plan saw me do some chores and come back later and do the Team Italy Gladiators Race. I fancied testing my legs on a longer race and the Road to Ruins is my favourite course with its short sharp climb and long draggy pulls out of the ruins. Perfect!

50-60 lined up in the pen then with about 20 secs to go THE Greg Leo pops up and starts with us. Straight to the front he pulled most of the way through the tunnel and then dragged himself and a couple of others clear over the bridge to the Ruins/Alpe turn. I was in the red and lost the wheel of a group of 3 here but I managed to pull them back with big effort up the drag before the decsent. 4 of us were now chasing at about 25 secs but we weren’t gaining. I sat in and recovered so I was ready for the long climb back out. As we hit the bottom the gap was still 20-30 secs. Chat in the lead group showed Greg was going to pull up the climb and as expected they drew clear. I sat at about 300w and rode as hard and as steady as I could.  We dropped one rider and now we were a group of 3. I lead my group pretty much all the way back out before the descent. Greg had gone. His baby awake apparently lol. So 2 ahead with of us chasing. I put in some more pulls and tried to go clear and break us up on the climb into the Volcano but my legs were beginning to show a lack of racing in the last 5km. Back together I waited for the sprint. I let a little gap go on the last corner and my speed catching them up sent me straight past them and I quickly opened a 5m gap so I opened the taps early and sprinted clear for 3rd over the line.

Two races in two days. Longer, harder and the legs and lungs felt better. Progress!

Ride on!

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