Dutch Diesel Cycling Volcano Circuit Race

Course: Volcano Circuit CCW
Distance: 6 Laps, 30km

I had to have another week off Zwift last week. I was just too fatigued after been ill and beginning my daily commutes again. I fancied a flat, punchy race to get back into it,so a 6 lap Volcano circuit race either way was perfect. This was the favoured counter-clockwise version.

20 odd riders were in my race. I got on the bike with around 8 mins to go and started to warm up and got my stream going. I did a quick spin upto 300+ watts then a quick sprint to 500+ and my legs, surprisingly, felt like they had a bit of zip in them.

The race ticked down and as we shot away I found myself off the front briefly. Was this an omen?. The race settled down and I was carrying 4.5 w/kg+ easily and coping with the small ramps on the course with ease. The first few laps were ticked off. There was plenty of yellow and red on the graph as I tried to hold a high tempo as workout as well as a race.

Through the finish with 2 to go and the race kicked off with some serious attacks. I had to dig deep to get back onto the lead group but it had whittled down a couple of riders. Through the finish for the last lap and one rider went through. Massive attack and quickly opened a gap. A couple more followed. I was lacking that jump I would normally have to go with them. I waited for a chase group and they dragged me back up to them. I hadn’t breathed this deep for a few weeks and it was making me feel sick as my stomach wasn’t used to been distended so much. I started my sprint half way up the ramp back into the volcano and just held it as long as I could. I rolled over the line 6th and nearly puked.

Good legs, stomach not so. I need to start to race more now I’m feeling better

Ride on!

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