Tour de Zwift – Stage 6

Course: Road to the Sky
Distance: 28km

If I’d have got up early enough this morning I would have joined Tom Mansfield in his race round London, but as it happened I had a late night at Bongo’s Bingo and was still in bed while he was sprinting to 2nd place.

Bongo’s Bingo is basically a rave with cheesy songs and you play bingo in between. Its mental and lots of repeated climbing up and own benches to dance. Look it up.

I decided on a lunchtime ride so I could down some breakfast. No races really but Tour de Zwift – Stage 6 looked good with a climb up the Alpe. Usually a good field and it would be a good test of the legs and way to shrug off last nights beer.

100+ in the pen. I switched my bike to the Trek Emonda + Zipp 202’s for the climb. The start wasn’t too mad and the early climbs were ok too. A reasonable lead group formed and we descended through the jungle at night which was great in rider view (check my stream at about 17-18 mins into the ride). As we hit the Alpe my legs felt decent. A group of two drifted clear while I settled down into a good pace. I was keen to keep an eye on my power and not cook myself too soon like I often do on this one. A couple of riders caught me after the first bend and one went past and I could see he was going to bridge. It was too hot too early for me to tag along. The lead group drifted further clear and then as one got across another got dropped and their speed dropped. I reeled in the rider dropped and we yo-yo’d to the top but I could see by their jumpy riding style they were trying to make an effort and recover. I felt good going into the last bend and I just opened the taps and rode clear of them for 3rd over the line and over 4 mins off my Alpe PB!

Ride on!

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