How not to ride a Zwift race

Its quite simple. Don’t be late, concentrate on the ride not your stream, dress properly and use a fan.

I failed miserably last night. I got back from my commute and I had 10 mins. No time to do a roll down calibration. I literally took my winter jacket off and got on the bike. Base layer and winter tights on, no fan. Big mistake.

Faffing with my Youtube stream I was late in the pen anyway and as it ticked down and started  I hadn’t span up to get near the front, I was more interested in starting the stream. Instead I started a couple of secs late, eased off when I saw no other red dots on the map thinking I’d selected the wrong category or race. I realised I was getting dropped. Then I got took out the back by a group that had split. I tried to bridge but the main blob just eased away. I carried on for a bit then I got way too hot after a lap with sweat pissing out of me, so I stopped. Pride bruised.

Piss poor! Lesson learned.

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