The SSS (Saturday Sprint Series)

Course: Watopia Flat
Distance: 1 Lap

Bit early for me on a Saturday this one. Much preferred the 10.30am start on the last series. Luckily after a week commuting my body clock is back in sync and I wake naturally around 7am. Although groggy, I got up and gave myself enough time to setup my stream and warm up after the debacle on Thursday night.

I got in the pen early and there were already a healthy selection of CRYO-GEN riders dotted around. After the pleasantries, clock ticked down and we were off. I had a good start, straight to the front. As we rounded Ocean Boulevard and dropped into the tunnel it seemed a bit cagey with no one really taking it on. A couple of flyers flew through the group but they just eased up and dropped back into the lead group. I thought the exit ramp was going to be the first attack. I wound up my gear and found myself on the front. A quick look back and it was getting strung out so I just opened the taps and let rip. Sam G came with me and he and another rider, Wong joined me in a lead group of 3. We all did some big pulls and the gap opened up slowly until the elastic broke and we got clear. On the climb upto the Italian Villas I went too deep and Sam & Wong drew clear but Wong disappeared leaving Sam on his own. I got back on the descent and we worked together to the finish, about 30 secs clear. I opened up the sprint but I’m not built for that shit and I don’t have Sam’s explosive power either so he went clear for a well deserved win and me 2nd. I’ll take the credit for starting the move :0) The Zwift result had Wong the winner by 5 secs? lol. I guess ZP will filter him.

Well done Sam and well done the rest of the Team.

Worth getting up for. I might do the PM race too if I get a chance

Ride on!

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