BMTR Epic Chase Medio Fondo RT

Course: Zwift Medio Fondo
Distance: 73km/1Lap

I was lulled into doing this one by Lee Cookson and Tom Mansfield. Looked a good idea when I read the description. Basically a group ride handicap race. The course was a tough 73km up Watopia Hill reverse, the Volcano climb, the Jungle backwards, round the volcano again and out of downtown again to finish at the top of the Epic KOM. Each group has a leader calling it and the maths meant we should all get to the base of the Epic KOM together when its a free-for-all race to the top. A’s started 30 mins behind the D’s. That was plan anyway. Didn’t quite happen for me. So read on.

We all started well. The group was very cooperative, obeying orders and shouts of what to put out on the climbs and when to regroup etc. We had a bit of a split on the Volcano KOM but we eased and regrouped on the descent. The next climb up, down, round and back out of the Jungle, it stuck together well. My legs were feeling pretty good. As we got back into the volcano, a recurring niggle in my right groin began. Its been nagging me on Zwift rides over an hr, last time on the Alpe, and by this time I was into 90 mins of the ride. I thought I’d got over it. As we exited the tunnel to the Epic KOM it just went and I could barely churn out 3w/kg. Annoyingly I had to watch everybody ride away into the distance while I sat up fucked off. You’ll probably see me cursing on the stream lol. I decided I wasn’t going to bail, so I eased and rode softly up the first half. Got caught by a C rider through the Castle (pride dented). It eased off a bit so I tried a bit harder and then a bit harder and although I could feel it, I managed to knock the last 3km ok and restore a bit of faith. Don’t know if was a muscle strain or cramp. Ruined my ride though after such a good one yesterday and feeling good most of today.

Well done Lee and Tom though, sorry I wan’t up there at the end

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