3R Richmond Hilly Race – 2 Laps

Course: Richmond Hilly Roads
Distance: 18.3km/11.4mi

Given I’d only had one day off in the last seven and yesterday I’d ridden a tough 100km in a stiff wind, it was a good bet I’d be tired today. Add no breakfast and just a sandwich all day, I wasn’t refuelled either. Me been me though I had a Zwift ride of some kind in my head (should have been recovery) and I opted for this short, punchy race around the Richmond Hilly Roads circuit.

Warming up I could feel the fatigue and the effort to get my wattage up was a tell I was below-par today. A good number in the pen, 130+ started and after the first long downhill a lead group of 40 odd had established itself out front. As we headed round the hairpin at the far end of the circuit the peloton was getting lively as we ground our way up to Libby Hill. The leaders dropped their watt bombs and a lead group of about 7 went over the top. I just couldn’t quite make it and I was in a second group of 3 but I dropped them on the next climb. I was caught and passed on the descent and I was in no-mans land now on my own as I started lap 2. I got in TT mode and as I hit the flat and was on the road to the hairpin again I decided to ease and wait for the next group. Bad move, it immediately split after the hairpin and blew to bits on Libby Hill. A couple went clear. My legs were mush so I just gave it all I had for as long as possible. I caught two that dropped me on the climb and dropped one with a km to go and the other in the last 400m. I rolled over the line in 11th spent with my groin hurting again. I’m an idiot.

I need to rest now, so cold beer it is.

Ride on!

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