3R Volcano Flat Race – 2 Laps

Course: Volcano Flat
Distance: 24.4km/15mi

I’ve been off Zwift for a while after I developed tendonitis in my hip recently. I decided to back off the hard stuff and go easy for a bit. I resumed my commutes for 3 days and then 4 days this week. Throw in a bit of stretching, massage, embrocation and pain relief and my hip seems ok now….so time to get back on Zwift.

I was going to do the Fondo this morning but a ceiling collapse in the lounge last night meant I had to sort that out instead.

we were eating under it an hour before

I decided on a simple, flat race. Two laps of the Volcano circuit. The little kicker climbs on the course are enough to test the sharpness in my legs. I wasn’t feeling optimistic given I hadn’t done any HIITs or racing recently. It was a case of suck it n see.

The pen was pretty big. 340 odd riders raring to go. The start was either really fast or I’d lost my edge. The 400+ watts I drummed out for 30 secs got me back upto the front after a minor scare I wasn’t going to make it. As we entered the tunnel, a very big lead group formed and the pace was high with nobody letting up. The ramp saw the first attack which stretched the group and shook a few off the back. The sensations were good though. I was comfortable churning 100+rpm and holding that through the esses. More attacks over the bump to the Italian Villas before the turn to the Volcano. The real test was the climb into the Volcano. I took a run at it and managed to comfortably stay in the game in the top 10. It was another shakedown. We exited the Volcano and finished Lap 1 with the lead group down to 30 or so riders. It seemed to ease around Ocean Boulevard but soon picked up again into the tunnel. Exiting it the attacks went harder and longer. Riders pushing 8+w/kg on the flat to get away. My graph was a sea of red and yellow spikes showing I was on my limit but not blowing like I expected to. So far so good. More attacks came through the esses and I had to stay at 300w+ to the Volcano climb just to stay at the front. The climb was brutal but I think it was beginning to hurt us all as I found myself in front briefly before I was engulfed before the roar to the line. The attacks went before 1km to go but they were neutralised at the turn to the finish. I had a draft power-up which I used as I wound up my gear and edged through the group. I opened the taps with 400m to go and held it and held it held it for 4th. I went harder and longer than I’d done in a long time but it totally destroyed me. I found something in the tank I haven’t seen for months. Pleased with that.

Sorry I didn’t stream it. I didn’t expect to go that well and I was bit late setting up

Ride on!

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