3R Innsbruckring Flat Race – 4 Laps

Course: Innsbruckring
Distance: 35.2km/21.9mi

The difference a day makes. Big, powerful engine yesterday, coughing and spluttering today. At my age, recovery is the first thing to go so racing on consecutive days although arguably good training, I can’t do both at the same level.

Today soon as I as I got on the bike and turned the pedals I could feel my lactic filled legs moaning at the prospect of 4 laps of Innsbruckring with that bitch of a climb.

125 riders started. Nowhere near as fast as yesterdays race but a lead group of 30 odd formed very quickly. Being so flat the first shake-up was on the climb. A lead group split over the top but I didn’t quite have the watt bomb in my legs today to make it. I settled into no-mans land and was quickly picked up by the 2nd group who were going well. At the end of lap 1 we were actually catching the lead group. We got within 10 secs of them and I thought we would make it across at one stage but they went clear again on the climb and our group lost a couple more riders. I was one of the strongest in our group on the climb and rather than stay clear or try to stretch them I eased and rolled round with them. Not quite what I’m capable of but a good workout given my fatigue. Lap 3 and again I was the strongest on the climb and this time I went clear without going to deep. I did try to stay away but they caught me at the arch before the turn for the finish. On lap 4 we began to sweep up some popped from the lead group. The final climb blew our group apart and 4 of us went clear. We caught a couple more riders and when the sprint came I managed 2nd from our group and 16th overall. Nowhere near the speeds or watts of yesterdays race but a great work out.

One more ride tomorrow, off Wed then I’m hoping to debut in the KCL race on Thursday night nice and fresh

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