KISS Community League

Course: Watopia Mountain
Distance: 29km

I thought this was going to be a good race for me. I’ve pumped out some good, competitive numbers recently but that was the worse race I’ve ever done. Why I even bothered to finish and continue to stream it I don’t know.

My warm up felt off but I thought it was because it was late. The start was fast but I had to go so deep just to stay at the back of the front group. I couldn’t move up. When we hit the first climb the wheels fell off. Heart rate up and an empty tank. I must have been 80-100 watts off where I would normally be. I eased and even stopped on the climb. Sometimes I can ride myself into it but I just got worse unable to get above 3.5w/kg for any sustained period. The rest of the race was a story of just getting caught, getting passed, getting dropped, repeat.

Reasons? Not completely sure. Its much later than I normally ride. I’m off this week so my routine is all messed up. I am quite drained from stress because my lounge ceiling collapsed at the weekend and the company that messed up won’t take responsibility. Could be fatigue from a hefty sweetspot sesh yesterday or may be combo or some of all of them. Whatever it is, I clearly need some R&R

Well done to the rest of the team though that rode so well.

Ride on!

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