Bushcombe Party : revisited

Got a rare Sunday to myself tomorrow. No little man and Sally’s coming off nights, so rather than tip toe around all morning while she sleeps I’m out for my first big ride of the year and a leg test as I was unable to ride the Mad March Hare Sportive this year.

The plan is to revisit my Bushcombe Party ride I’d planned last autumn (bad weather) and to ride it on my new Ribble CGR. Should be a good test to see where I’m at before I start to ramp up the mileage aiming towards the 200 mile Chase the Sun in June.

The route is a reminder of all the Mad March Hare Sportives I organised. A rolling out and back course with a nasty spike in the middle. Said spike is Bushcombe Lane, a hill that is kind of hidden from view as its not on a mainstream cycle route. Its just off the beaten track and needs to hunted and found. I’ve never ridden it but I know from talking to mates and looking online its a steep fucker so my 34/32 combo will be needed I think. Especially as I’m on my Ribble.

red means dead I think

I’ve ridden most of the roads on the route. There are some new ones in there around Tredington and Tewkesbury I’ve never done before which will be nice and Winchcombe will be a welcome stop after the climb. Shame the pubs won’t be open

Winchcombe: it’ll be a welcome breather after the climb

The weather looks like its cool and dry. I’ll be starting 8am-ish just after Sally gets home. Should be back for lunch hopefully.

Lets hope I bring my legs to the party. I took a rare Friday off commuting yesterday and an easy Zwift today should see me recovered I hope

Fingers crossed! Look out for the ride report after.

its like its giving me the finger


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