Cotton Caps are king

The humble cotton cap. An unsung, essential piece of cycling kit. Its probably one of the most cool, important, versatile pieces of kit you can own and wear. I always wear one. Here is why.

I own around about 9-10 caps. Its not enough to be honest. I love them. Whenever I buy new kit, I’ll always pop a cap in the cart if they’re on offer. I’ve just increased my cap count by three this week from Prendas Ciclismo who had a deal on 3 for £12.

Caps are the best value kit I own. It sits there on your head and they do so many things unlike base layers, sock, shorts and jerseys which while functional they’re not as multi-functional as a cap.

First up. Its Summer. The sun is shining. My cap is a sun visor. Its soaks up my sweat. Its a bug guard. Its better than suncream. It looks cool when I take my helmet off at the cafe. I can turn it round. I can flick the peak up and go retro.

Cap choice is part of my pre-ride routine

Its cold and miserable. I’m riding to work in winter. My cap keeps my head warm. It soaks up sweat still. The peak keeps the rain and drizzle out of my eyes.

I’m at home. I’m in the garden. I wear one while I’m working on my bike. It protects my head. I wear one around the house sometimes. I don’t know why but I do

If I do an event. I don’t want a medal or a t-shirt. I want  a cap. If you want to buy me a present buy me a cotton cap. I’ll be very happy.

Caps are cool. Just sayin.


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