Fuelling a double century

I’m riding to Weston-super-Mare and back tomorrow. 200 miles. Its an unprecedented distance and time on the bike I’ve never done before and I’m pretty relaxed about it. Its an adventure with some mates. I’m starting around 4am and anticipate I’ll be back about 14 hours later.

My two biggest worries are 1. my neck, back and shoulders and 2. food.  For number 1 I’ll just deal with it. I’ve considered flipping my stem for a more relaxed position but I’m keeping the status quo on the bike for now as I can always do it to help if it becomes an issue later on. For number 2, I might be over thinking it but fuel for 200 miles and 14hrs is obviously something I need to think about.

No.3 is getting up for work on Monday lol

A couple of weeks ago at the Velo Birmingham ride, I stuck to Hi5 energy drink, gels and home made granola bars. I got round fine but my guts suffered from too much sweet stuff. I couldn’t eat for a few hours after I got back and felt a bit sick. So for tomorrow I need sweet but plenty of savoury too.

We’ll be stopping aswell as none of us will be able to carry 14hrs worth of food but we’ll need to eat on the move too so this is what I’m taking.

  • A couple of bananas to eat early on for brekky
  • Homemade Granola bars. I cut them up into small chunks so I can eat little and often and share them too.
  • Ham & Cheese pittas. I’ll cut a pitta in half and fill the pocket with ham & cream cheese. They are flat so I can rack and stack them in my pockets
  • Gels. For emergency when my red light comes on.

Thats the plan. All I have to do now is execute.



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