Combining two Strava rides

Just over  a week ago I rode to Weston and back. Annoyingly at the time, rain on the screen of my Garmin meant I accidentally saved my ride there so when I finished I had two files. One there. One back. Thats fine but we all like a nice neat BIG long ride on Strava to show off don’t we? Somebody mentioned you can combine them so I googled if I could. It turns out I can…..

There are a few sites available to do this. In effect you combine the .fit files saved for the rides on the Garmin.

This website allows you to select multiple files up to a massive 10mb in size to combine in one go



Simply connect your Garmin, find the /Garmin/Activities folder on it, hold CTRL and select your files (if more than one), select your timezone and click Upload


The website will confirm the files. As the files already existed on my Strava feed (I didn’t want to delete them until I knew this worked) I ticked the Randomize ID Tag box which allowed me to temporarily duplicate the ride on Strava


Clicking the button confirms a connection to Strava which you have to authorise if its the first time. It uploads, confirms the file is sent and then confirms its complete and offers a link to view it on Strava.

Job done


The last thing to do was delete my original two rides and update my Veloviewer account which I use to dig a bit deeper into my Strava stats (optional)


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