I’ve sacked off Chase the Sun

I’ve decided to sack off Chase the Sun I was planning on riding in a couple of weeks.

A few reasons.

  1. Money. I’m looking at £130 accommodation + food + fuel (£100) for an 800 mile drive. I’m saving up for 2 weeks in Canada in September and we’re trying to do up the garden too and I don’t want to have to live like a monk through Summer either.
  2. Sally. Bless her she was prepared to come with me to Tynemouth (240 miles), drive 200 miles to the finish on the day and wait then drive me back the following day from Prestwick (300 miles) and then get up for work the next day at 5.45am, all on her rest days as she can’t get any annual leave. I was being a bit selfish.
  3. Double Century done. My aim this year was to do a 200 mile ride and I achieved that the other week riding to Weston-Super-Mare and back

So for those reasons I’ve decided not to ride it this year. I’ll probably do a big ride over that weekend of some sort anyway, its just won’t take up anyone else’s precious time and it will save me a few hundred quid to boot

Ahh…thats life


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