New Rubber Day

My best bike, the Cube C:68, got some new rubber today.

The Cube Litening C:68. Still an awesome bike for me

The Schwalbe One’s were original (fitted with new carbon wheels when I got the bike in 2016) and have done over 6000km with not a single puncture. The rear had worn down pretty square and a couple of recent skids due to drivers not paying attention meant a couple of gouges were in them along with a cracked and cut tread too. It was time for a change

What to replace them with though? The Schwalbe’s have been outstanding. They roll really well (better than a Conti 4000 according to, offer great grip and are pretty light too (243g).

Well when I had my cycle shop, I took on a brand called Serfas. Its still going. I used to use and sell their lights and tyres amongst other odd bits. I stumbled upon their Seca RS tyre (still available) and I thought it was outstanding and went onto ride and race them on all my road bikes. The cool thing about them was you could buy them in a range of colours to match your bike. So when I closed down, I took a pair as spares and three and a half years later, here we are. I’m ready to fit them.

I always used to use what I sold in my shop. Bikes, kit, accessories. There was no point selling it unless you knew it was good stuff.

I’m sure the latest tyres probably offer better rolling resistance, grip and weight but why buy a set when I can use these I’ve had maturing in the man cave for the past few years?

I’ll let you know how they are in 6000km time!

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