Titans Grove – First Look

I’m probably a bit late reviewing Zwift’s latest expansion to the Watopia world – Titans Grove.

The recent desert addition takes you on a wander through the desert inspired by the wild west films. A beautiful sandy red ride peppered with a little foliage and a ride through an oasis hidden in a canyon. Ghost towns, modern towns and spot the train when you hear it in the distance.

Desert or Dessert?

The desert is accessed off new roads joining the road to the Epic KOM. The first part is fresh green, tree lined giving you a flavour of what Titans Grove has to offer. Shortly after you turn towards the desert, junctions mark the start of the road that links the two ends of the desert route. Effectively its link road or short cut but a beautiful one at that.

As I began to ride Titans Grove, it was misty amongst the huge Sequoia trees. It had an eery feel, almost jungle like in some ways. The road is very bendy. There are very few, long straights and its also littered with quick up and down rollers. Some nice 2-3%, some longer and heavier 5, 6, 7 even 8% in parts.


As the mist clears you descend into what an only be described as a Jurassic Park. Huge dinosaurs, Brachiosaurus, stand ceremoniously. Its a sight to behold. A little later as you round a left hand bend T-Rex comes stomping towards you while a Pteorodactyl floats around in the sky above. Further on I spotted a Tricerotops and I think a Stegosaurus. My schoolboy knowledge of dinosaurs is limited to the film I’m afraid.

I missed the bear Zwift have called Jarvis

Out of the ‘park’ and you climb at length towards the official KOM on the route before a hefty, steep descent into and through hot springs.

At this stage of the route you really do notice how constantly up and down and bendy  the road is. Its much worse than New York which can play havoc with my older, laggy trainer. Racing on here should be fun.

Out of the springs and its a quick descent back to the T-junction near the starting pens for the desert routes.

Overall, another impressive addition to Zwift. Great detail, more unique features, a different type of road with the constant change of direction and gradient. It will make for some great events and will be a go to route for me.

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