N+1 is a calculation used to express how many bikes a cyclist should have. N represents the number of bikes currently owned. Obviously its tongue-in-cheek, you can never have enough bikes. Tell this to our partners though. Space and £££ are often cited as reasons not to buy another bike which is why the calculation S-1, where S is the number bikes currently owned, shows how many bikes it would take to separate from said partner. Touche!

Check out more rules like this upheld by The Velominati : Keepers of the Cog

I used to own 7 bikes at one point.

  • Road Bike
  • Road Training Bike
  • TT Bike
  • Mountain Bike
  • Cyclocross Bike x 2
  • Track Bike

Some would say that is ridiculous. I would say necessary. I used them all (apart from the track bike but that went as quick as it came to be fair)

Now I own a more reasonable 3 bikes.

Road Bike
Commuter/Gravel bike
Turbo Trainer Bike

I try to keep it nice and simple and only have what I need. I no longer race, so the TT, cross and track bikes are not needed and I never get time to spend a day on an MTB.

But….I have decided I can justify another bike. My Ribble CGR can be both a commuter and gravel bike but not at the same time. I don’t want to keep changing tyres or wheels so ideally I want a road going commuter and a gravel bike separately and I just jump on the one I want when I want to ride it

This week Cube launched they’re 2020 range and during a night when I couldn’t sleep, it gave me a chance to look them up.

I think I found my N+1. It was meant to be….

The Cube Attain SL ticks  all my boxes. Like when I researched my Ribble CGR AL, for commuting I want Shimano 105, hydraulic disc brakes, 28mm tyres, guards and a decent fit. This does it all. Its more of a road bike, the wheelbase is a fraction shorter meaning I’ll need a 10mm longer stem but thats it. Even better is the price. Through work I get 25% OFF @ Tredz and then I can do it on Cycle to Work on top which will bring it down to around half price probably. #nobrainer


So what am I going to do with the Ribble? Well the plan is to fit the new (gravel spec) Shimano GRX RX600 chainset and rear mech and make it a 1 x 11 with an 11-42T cassette. Make it tubeless and it will be a decent gravel bike I can commute and play around on.

GRX RX600 Chainset – 40T

I just hope Cube don’t sell out before Feb when my current Cycle to Work agreement ends and I can start a new one. I have five months to choose a colour.

That’ll be it then. I don’t think Sally would allow anymore bikes lol.

But an eBike would be fun too right?




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