CRYOGEN The Final Table Race Series

Course: Greatest London Flat + Lead in
Distance: 56km / 2 Laps

Its been quite a while since I’ve done any regular racing or riding on Zwift. Probably before summer. Since then its been sporadic rides on there at best. I’ve done a few workouts in the last couple of weeks trying to get fit again after a two week holiday driving across the Canadian Rockies in September but thats work in progress still.

I estimate my FTP has dropped 20 watts and I’ve gained about 1-2kgs

I’m nowhere near my best on Zwift last winter but you have to start somewhere. I was going to do another workout today but I saw the A’s in this race needed a man so I volunteered.

Three A’s were in the pen. Me, Tom Mansfield and Lee Cookson who was riding on an MTB due to lack of road bike lol. The start was fast and hard. My lack of sustained power evident from the off. Ring rusty I’d call it. A small group formed out front and a few were taking it in turns to hammer it on the front to soften us up I guess. The longer drags were a real problem for me as I was going deep and burning matches. I hung in but when we got on the rise to Box Hill and then the long 4% drag through Richmond Park, Lee popped (must be hard on an MTB!) and then me. I waited for Lee but on the short sharp climb out of the Tube station I completely blew. I needed to just roll for a bit. I tried to get going but I was smashed. I was just about to sack it off then Lee popped up that he was waiting for me. He said hold 3.5 so I tried that and it was right on my threshold allowing me enough to go as fast as I could and recover a bit. I got back up to him and we mopped another rider and the the three of us worked around 3.5’s quite well and slowly I got some legs back. We held a large group off behind for sometime but they eventually caught us and we sat in which was another opportunity get some rest. Lee shouted Tom to come back as he was 3mins+ ahead and as good as gold he sat up for us and then worked in the group with Lee and I which allowed all three of us to roll into the finish together.

Top job guys. Proper team work which kept me going when I was done. Give me a few weeks and I’ll be back where I was

Ride on!

3 thoughts on “CRYOGEN The Final Table Race Series

  1. Good effort A’s worth getting on discord, I was in the team car & could have given you a heads up on positions, as a concequence of grouping up you were the first A team to get points so great teamwork well done.


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