New Rubber

My commuting tyres, my Continental Ultra Sport’s have taken a bit of a beating the last few weeks and its highlighted a bit of a shortcoming of them.

I was cleaning my bike last weekend and found a massive cut on the back tyre. Embedded in it was a 3mm x 2mm shard of glass. Probably the biggest piece of debris I’ve ever had to remove from a tyre yet, to my astonishment, it hadn’t punctured! I had to take it out with a screwdriver! Further inspection of my tyres revealed more cuts both front and back so time to change them. Sadly they had loads of life left in them.

I check my tyres regularly when I have mudguards fitted as they can hide problems you might not know you have

So my long term test results for my Continental Ultra Sport tyres is that they roll well, they’re grippy and they are very puncture resistant but they just cut too easily. If you can pick a pair up for about a tenner each they’re good value.

Big cut but no puncture!

So onto my replacement tyres and what to get. I needed something cheap, 28mm and pretty bomb proof but I already knew exactly what I was going to order!

Planet-x sell the Rolly Poly tyre which ticked all my boxes and they look good too.

  • 28mm
  • Folding bead
  • Good reviews
  • Heavy duty
  • Cheap (£13 each!)
  • Tan sidewall (Bonus!!)

The reviews all say how well they roll and how tough they are so at £13 each, I bought a pair. Bargain!

I’ve popped them on today and they look great. Tan sidewalls are a bit marmite but its marmite I like so I don’t care what anyone else thinks.

They went on fine so there won’t be any issues out on the road if I get a puncture. Can’t wait to try them and see if that checkerboard tread is as grippy as they say

4 thoughts on “New Rubber

  1. The tan wall and check pattern are an interesting design, I think I like it. For £13 for a folding tyre that’s a bargain (as long as they’re good). For that price you could buy a spare to carry with you!


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