My Xmas Cycling Gifts

Just a quickie blog while Sally plays with her new Amazon echo and Dan’s playing his games

I’m happy. No tat this year for Xmas, just stuff I love. Dan, Sally, family, chocolate, beer and some cycling-themed gifts. Here are the cycling ones.

Bike-packing Bags
I’ve already got a frame and top-tube bag. These complete the set. A bar bag (roll top drybag & harness) and saddle pack ready for some mini-adventures in 2020. Who’s coming with me? Thanks mom and dad x

they are bigger than they look

Cycling Calendar
Ideal for my man cave to make those old skool notes on as reminders. Its right by the door so I’ll see it everytime I walk in. First quote is from Sir David Attenborough. Say no more. Thanks Dan x

ideal for a bit of focus

My favourite t-shirt now. Combines my love of Queen and Cycling. Just an ace present. Thanks Sally x

I’ll look Flash! (get it?)

Base Layer
Another one of the great Planet-X base layers. I’ve built up quite a collection this year. So warm and so useful this time of year under my winter jackets. It compliments my orange, red and green ones now. Thanks Steph x


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