SZR Spring Race Series

Course: Tick Tock
Distance: 2 laps + lead-in, 35km

No commute today as heavy rain was forecast for the ride home and bang on home time it didn’t start. Nada. Nothing. Pissed off with myself I rushed home to start the 6pm SZR Spring Race series on Tick Tock.

First race with my new Tron bike today!

I got in the pen with 90 secs to go so no time for a stream. It was a good blast (..and warm up) off the start. The first lap the pace was high and I was riding well maintaining position at the front. I mistakenly thought Tick Tock was the pan flat TT lap with the turns so I found out the hard way as we raced past the turn and then the first hard attack went up the drag out of town. I opened the taps and carried 8+w/kg for sometime to tag onto the lead group over the top but it regrouped down the other side. I was blowing a bit so tried to recover in the wheels. More power was needed for the drag out of the tunnels and up the drag past the pens before it settled down again. Lap 2 was noticeably slower as riders kept their powder dry on the flat. It went again up the drag to Titans Grove but it held together again only dropping one rider. A tidy group. The pace went up as we got inside 5km to go as riders were trying to stay at the front. A rider went as we rode past the start pens for the last time but he was soon reeled in. Down the drag to the finish it opened up and with 400m to go the sprint started full on. I held as much as I could, passed a couple and rolled in 17th and smashed to bits.

Good race. Good workout.

Ride on!

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