CRYO-GEN Saturday Sprint Series

Course: Watopia Flat
Distance: 10.4km (1 Lap)

These 1 lappers are a tough gig. I did a few of these last year because I was suffering in longer races at the weekend due to fatigue from commuting. Today’s excuse was it was just me and the lad all day so we had some boy time and this is all I could realistically squeeze in.

Anyway, a healthy pen with some good riders in there looking at their stats on ZP. On paper I could podium but anything can happen and I didn’t know how my legs would be. I warmed up for 10 and we were off. Pretty fast start which eased and became very tentative in the tunnels (look at the long yellow section early on in my stream!). On the exit ramp it hotted up but I was comfortable. As we rounded the bend by the wind turbines I opened the taps to see if I could split the group but no good. The speed stayed high through the esses. On the short kicker off the bridge I gave it some beans and it did split the group. 3 of us went clear briefly but rider by rider they clawed us back. Into the final km and I was up front in a good position. The sprint started a bit early for me , I was passed but clawed back team mate, Mr Hanson, on the line for 4th.

Happy with that!

Shout out to all the other CRYO-GENers in their too

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