Stage 1 Race – Tour of Watopia 2020

Course: Watopia Flat
Distance: 20km (2 Laps)

Today was my last ride in the UK for a while. No bike to commute on as its boxed ready for my flight to Fuerteventura tomorrow to ride some GRAVEL!

A quick Zwift race was on the cards to tie me over so I picked a hard one, a ToW Race which always attracts a high quality field and tonight was no exception. Although the start wasn’t too bad, as soon as we got into the tunnels the pace was high with riders not shy of riding in the high 5’s, 6’s and 7’s on the front. I expected an attack on the exit ramp and it came. I got upto the front and eased but the leaders laid down some watt bombs and kept the pace high all the way into the esses and I lost the wheels. Luckily some strong guys behind came past and I got a tow back on. It was almost game over. My legs were crap and I was blowing hard. I maintained through the esses and was just holding on through the Italian Villas. Up the climb after the bridge and I gave it some to hold on. I lost the leaders again but got back on on over the top. Lap 1 done, we were 30 secs up on my Saturday Sprint Series Race time. Lap 2 carried on at a pace with riders still nailing it. I played it right on the exit ramp not making the same mistake again and hung in as long as I could but I was blowing all the way. I made one last effort up the climb and held on in the group but didn’t really have anything for the sprint. My legs were mush. I rolled in 15th. Not bad for crap legs. 3 races in 4 days. Its too much at my age.

My next ride will be a leg loosner in the sunshine.

Ride on!

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