My Homeworking #101

Now working from home has become a reality. Time to get the setup and routine right for the foreseeable. Here is what I do.

  • Up early 6-7am, sometimes later
  • On my bike indoors, 40-50 mins
  • Showered, dressed (I wear my uniform top)
  • Breakfast with some nice, strong coffee
  • Work till lunchtime (I rarely take breaks)
  • Decent lunch, away from my computer, do something else
  • Work till finish
  • Possibly another bike ride
  • Switch off, chill

The idea here for me is to keep my working day as structured and normal as I can. So to break that down, my bike riding mimics my commute. Wearing my uniform top is my personal way of making myself feel like I’m actually at work. Food is really important for energy. Low energy = low mood, so I have a good breakfast and lunch and maybe a snack or two too. Hydration is key too. Drink plenty. Not taking my breaks is just another personal thing. I DO NOT advocate anyone does this. I just find it works better for me as they break (pardon the pun!) my rhythm. You MUST take yours. My bike ride after work depends how I feel and how hard I rode in the morning. At the end of the day I literally switch off. Work is done. Me time then.


Things I do during lunchtime.
Its really important I get away from work. Just to have a break and mental reset. It breaks up the day into smaller chunks which makes it easier to get through. After eating, I have a massive 3000 piece jigsaw I can do, I may read or I may call family, especially during these worrying times. No work, no computer!

Hours and hours of fun!

I worked from home for years. The best advice I can give you is

  • Routine. Same things, same time every day just like normal work
  • Comfort. Its imperative you have somewhere comfortable and have enough space to work. Improvise if you need to. The small niggles now will be big problems in a few weeks.
  • Keep in touch. Regularly speak to colleagues and family outside of work. Be proactive about NOT being isolated or disconnected.

2 thoughts on “My Homeworking #101

  1. Yep I’m a uniform top and PJ bottoms – for comfort! My uniform top helps me feel in work mode and reminds my daughters that I am working. However, you are welcome to the jigsaw though – I hate them! for someone who has boundless patience – jigsaws are the exception 🙂

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